The History of the Mill

Built in 1892, the Roanoke River Mill began as a grist mill for corn and flour and was known as the Weldon Corn Mill. The mill was part of what was Halifax County's first industrial park. The area, at that time, contained a number of other mills, a cotton seed press, and an iron foundry. It served as a grist mill for roughly two decades before falling briefly into disuse.

As the country entered the Great Depression, the building was vacant until it was taken over by The Roanoke River the Federal WPA (Works Project Administration) and was converted into the Weldon Community Center in 1938. The WPA tore down the surrounding buildings, removed the train tracks from the property, added a front porch, swimming pool and put in a dance floor to accommodate the building's new role. The town of Weldon maintained the community center until the mid 1960s when the building again fell into disuse until it was purchased in 2003.

The Roanoke River Mill Today

We purchased the building in 2003 under the name of Riverís Edge Holding Company with the intention of restoring the property. When we started the restoration process, the building had no windows, no doors, the basement was a dirt floor, and the porch was missing, as was the 3rd floor. Using materials from other structures on the premises, reclaimed wood and brick, we began the extensive process of restoring the building to as close to its original condition as possible.

The building's current use as a rental facility allows visitors to experience the history and beauty of the building while enjoying many functions and events. The Roanoke River Mill is one of the few buildings in the area that is of an older, historic nature available for this purpose. While it may lack some of the amenities available in newer structures, the aesthetic feel of the hand hewn beams, handmade bricks and rustic flooring create a certain quality that imbues events with an elegant, nostalgic atmosphere.

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